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7B Science at Welsh Valley Middle School

Hello and welcome to seventh grade life science. The purpose of this webpage is to provide students and parents with basic information/reminders about classroom guidelines and procedures. Also, there are useful links related to topics studied in class as well as sites dedicated to the teaching of science. I encourage parents and students to explore this site together continually throughout the year. Something missing you'd like to see included or posted? E-mail Miss Pollock ( with comments and suggestions.

Our Classroom

My goal is to create a classroom space where all of my students are able to grow and learn in a consistent environment of support, guidance and respect. In working towards this goal, all classroom members are expected to...

  • RESPECT each other
  • work consistently
  • participate in classroom activities
  • complete homework assignments and projects on time
  • follow all school rules (can be found in student handbook)
  • If at any time parents and/or students wish to discuss the progress being made towards meeting these expectations please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Classroom Assessment

    Students' grades are based on points earned through homework completion (5 pts.), tests (100 pts.), quizes (25-50 pts.), projects (100 pts.) and labs (50-100 pts). Student effort and classroom participation are also taken into consideration.

    *Extra Credit: Students may do approved extra credit assignments throughout the grading period. Extra credit, however, must be completed BEFORE the last week of the grading period.

    Weekly Assignments and Reminders

    Weekly assignments and reminders can be found by going to our 7B team "bulletin board" at

    * in the box labeled "Enter an eBoard" type: WV7

    You will be asked for a password to be allowed access to the board. Please ask your child or contact a 7B teacher to be given the appropriate password.

    Parents and students: homework completion comprises a large portion of the grade earned for each quarter and is usually worth over 100 points. Because of this, consistent homework completion is necessary in order to have a successful quarter.

    Class Related Websites

    Parents and students: the following are links to science related materials. Please take the time to explore some of them together throughout the year during each unit.

    Frog Dissection

    "The Interactive Frog Dissection: An On-line Tutorial" - Takes students through initial dissection procedures and provides pictures with highlights of major organs etc.

    "Virtual Frog Dissection Kit" - This interactive page is part of the "Whole Frog" project. You can dissect a (digitized) frog, make movies, and play the Virtual Frog Builder Game.

    "Virtual Creatures: For Students" - Can you think of ways to use computers and virtual dissections to help you learn Biology better? What do you like about the way Biology is taught? What don't you like? These are questions this site asks you to help them answer. Also check out their frog links.

    "Some Strange But True Facts About Frogs and Toads" - Check out this site for neat facts about frogs and their lifestyle.

    "The Froggy Page" - This page houses all kinds of virtual frogginess, from the silly to the scientific. Explore frog sounds, stories and songs.

    "Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Frogs" - Curious about your own frog or what it would be like to own one? Check out this site for lots of information about caring for and maintaining your own frog.

    Warm-blooded Vertebrates (Birds/Mammals)

    "Bird Anatomy" - Learn more about the functions of various structures and organs in birds.

    "Animal Pictures: Birds" - Browse pictures of many different species of birds.

    "Bird Songs" - Recordings of birds' songs. "All About Birds" - Lots of information about birds including jokes, printouts and lots of facts.

    "The Life of Birds by David Attenborough" - Check this site out if you'd like more information about birds' brains, their evolution, or their songs.

    "All About Mammals" - Lots of information about mammals including classification, evolution and printouts.


    "Invertebrates" - A lot of information about all of the different groups of invertebrates.

    "Invertebrates" - Links to various sites dealing with invertebrates. Have a question about something? Click on the link to write to someone who might be able to help.

    Teaching Science

    "National Association of Biology Teachers" - A variety of topics on the teaching of Biology. Membership opportunities.

    "The Science Teacher's Club" - ideas for teachers to use in the classroom and advice for science teachers to take into consideration regarding their classrooms (especially for beginning teachers.

    "The Science Center: You Guide to Educational Resources on the Internet" - lessons plans, activities, a teacher's lounge and many other resources useful to science teachers.

    "Science Activities Manual: K-8" - lessons and activities for incorporating overarching themes of science into the curriculum (science in society etc.).

    "PBS Teacher Source: Science and Technology" - includes recommended websites, books and lesson plans/activities to do with your students.

    "Discovery Channel Online: Lesson Plans" - Lesson plans that go along with programs on the discovery channel. Also, activities and projects for students on many topics.

    "The Biology Page" - suggestions of one high school biology teacher about classroom management and potential lessons and activities.

    "Animal Book: Authoring Your Book" - Suggests a format for students doing animal reports.

    "Virtual Creatures:For Teachers" - Can virtual creatures with realistic characteristics help students learn? How can these programs be used? Check out this site's lesson plans and teaching units written by their teachers-in-residence.

    "Lesson Plan: Dissecting a Virtual Frog" - Sample lesson plan for guiding students through an on-line frog dissection.

    "Insects in the Classroom: Bugs as Teaching Tools For All Ages" - Course materials, lesson plans and activites for all ages.