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Poetry Links for Jesse Bean's 10th Grade World Literature Class:

The following links have been used in Jesse Bean's High School English classes throughout the Spring of 2000. To follow any of the links, click on the title in the left column.


General Poetry:

 "Poetry Daily"  Great site for locating new poetry and authors. Features a daily poem by and short biography of an emerging poet, as well as a recommended journal of poetry.
 "Classical Poetry Port"  Really cool interactive site that features poems of the day, criticism of recent and older poetry, a number of chatrooms and discussion groups on different types of poetry, as well as a place for posting your favorites or your own work. Also allows you to respond to the work of others and get feedback on your own writing.
 "The Academy of American Poets"  Great search site for locating information about any American poet, past or present. Contains biographical sketches, poems, photos, and discussion groups on dozens of authors. Also contains audio readings of a large number of poems. Great resource for teachers as well.


British Poetry:

"British Poets 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions"  A helpful virtual library site from the University of Virginia. Includes all of Britain's most famous poets, especially the Romantics. Provides great links to other related sites, and allows you to access the complete poems themselves.


Irish Poetry:

 "The Irish Poetry Page"  Awesome website for finding anything having to do with Irish poets, past and present. Contains new poems, complete versions of a whole library of poems, biographies of the poets themselves, as well as poems set to music and a collection of Irish folk music. Great place to find links, too!
 "Work in Progress: A James Joyce Website"  The original website for avid fans of James Joyce. Great for finding links to scholarly articles and materials written about Joyce and his writings. Has great list of chatrooms, journals, and links, as well as some helpful maps and articles about Joyce.


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