The Brain's Images:
Reflecting and Creating Human Understanding

"... the analysis of the beholder's share in the resolution of ambiguities will alone make plausible the bold statement that art has a history because the illusions of art are not only the fruit but the indispensable tools for the artist's analysis of appearances.


... painting has indeed been persued as a science. All the works ... that we see displayed in our great collections apply discoveries that are the result of ceaseless experimentation"

Additional relevant materials

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Vision and Art, by John H. Krantz, Professor of Psychology, Hanover College

The Pre-Raphaelite Mystique by by Shawn Christopher Shea, M.D., director of the Training Institute for Suicide Prevention and Clinical Interviewing.

Revealing Bodies, "how imagery has changed the way we look at our bodies, drawing from many times and cultures" from the Exploratorium, San Francisco.

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