Mary Wilson
Housekeeper/Poet/Story Writer

Mary Wilson is a housekeeper at Bryn Mawr College who also writes poems and stories. While working in the Science Building, she and Professor of Biology Paul Grobstein starting talking about brains. The poem "Tidal Wave" was the result. Later, while talking about some of her other work, Paul noticed that mothers kept reappearing in it and asked about this. The poem "Mothers" was Mary's response.

Tidal Wave

3 March, 2000

The thoughts that gather together,
Create a tidal wave
In which you can not forget.
Storing up the knowledge of a lifetime,
Silently screaming for more than man can give.
Sending out signals as a light,
Beckoning its ships,
Absorbing faster than running water.
If not for this,
You would be as lifeless as a stone
Lying on the side of the road.
A pebble thrown then sinking into the sea.
It controls your life,
Yet it can control mine.
So beware of this thing called brain.
Without this tidal wave,
Where would mankind be?


Mary Wilson

The one that carried me,
Raised me to her breast,
Cuddled me in her arms,
Till I felt the wave of love.
My star fell;
The one that woke me from a dream,
Held me in her arms in a tender loving way.
Took my hand in hers to study and guide,
My way.
Knowing if I am sick or just unhappy with my day.
Telling me it's alright if things did not go,
My way.
Wipes away my tears to take the hurt away.
My heart swollen with love for you,
In such a caring way.
Mothers -
It is gratitude I owe You
For the gift of life.
I am so fortunate to have You
In my life.