Annotated Bibliography:

Free Will vs. Predistination

From a Religious/Theological point of view:

1. (Calvinism vs. Arminian)

2. (cartoon)

3. (pro-predestination but very comprehensive).

4. (Paper giving an overview of this debate in church history)

5. (Bible teaches both views)

6. (Atheistic view)

7. (a Churches’ inquiry )

8. (Islamic position)

9. (Hindu position)

10. (Jewish perspective)

11. (Catholicism vs. Calvinism)

12. (Pelgianism vs Augustianism)

13. (Historical Overview)

From an Economic point of view: (applies principles in #1 to econ)

From a Philosophic point of view:

1. (w/ links to Turing, LaPlace’s demon, the Arminian heresy,etc)

2. 8&'s%2520Cat%2FSchrodinger's%2520Cat.html (Free Will, Predestination, and Schrodinger’s Cat)


4 (excerpt from "How the World Really Works)


Comprehensive Bibliography of Related Texts:



Examples of this debate in popular media: fiction/movies,etc

-Renaissance :

-in games&puzzles :

-in "Lord of the Rings":

- "The World Jones Made"–came up frequently

- in Oedipus Rex :

- in "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess