How Not To Hassle the Unconscious

Accept that your unconscious is the primary resource for everything that you do...

As much as possible, do things your unconscious wants to do rather than things you think you're supposed to do.

For things you (or others) think you're supposed to do, try and organize life so you can do them when your unconscious wants to; trust that at some point it will.

Don't expect your unconscious to change quickly or in the absence of substantial new experiences meaningful to it.

Appreciate the need of your unconscious to exercise; don't deprive it of opportunities/room to express itself.

Remember that your unconscious consists of a loose alliance of many different components and has little or no interest in consistency across the components.

Let your unconscious and conscious mind explore...

Adopt being pleasantly surprised and seeing where you end up as a way of life.

That time between sleeping and wakefulness might be when the storyteller and the unconscious are closest.

Time is the unconscious's way of preventing everything from happening at once.