Bryn Mawr College


Directions to Bryn Mawr College:

From Penna Turnpike (276) Take 476 South towards Chester.

Take Exit for Villanova/St.Davids (RT 30). This used to be Exit 5, but the numbers have changed, but I'm not sure exactly what they are. Though it will be around 11 or 12 (based on mile marker). It is the exit past the Philadelphia Exit (RT 76).

You will take the Villanova/St. Davids exit going East (RT 30 East). RT 30 is also called Lancaster Ave.

After the Exit, you will go under 476 itself, stay on RT 30 for about 2.5 miles. You will go past the Villanova campus, stadium on left), past a few more lights in the town of Rosemont (look for a McDonalds on left, Borders on left, the Bryn Mawr Movie Theatre little further from Borders on right. Once past the Theatre, you will go through a traffic light at Bryn Mawr Ave. and the then take a left at the Next light (Gas Station on far left, Starbucks on far right corner). You will go under railroad tracks (this is Morris Ave), swing around and right and go through the traffic light (Montgomery Ave). About 50 yards after the light you will see a big sign announcing Bryn Mawr College (a stone ledge/fence). Go by it until the next light where you will take a left. This is New Gulph Road.

You will go up a semi-steep hill, past a T-junction on left, through a crosswalk (with a blinking yellow light). Once past the yellow, look for an opening on the left. Go past the first one, and go into the second one (now you are going downhill). This is the Lower Science Lot. There are visitor parking spaces on your right as you enter.

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