for students:


the Center will play a greater role in the experiences of current and future undergraduates. Indeed it is already doing so. Here's a partial list of activities involving students, both undergraduate and graduate: Support for the development of environmental web page originally created by undergraduates 11 September 2001 Forum (initiated in part because of undegraduate request, many student postings) Mental health forum and discussion group developed in collaboration with premedical students, overseen by grad students in GSSWSR Graduate Idea Forum ( graduate student initiative Work and Family Project ( joint faculty/graduate student initiative Development of materials for the Serendip web site ( Anti-stress campaign, fall 2002 Chelsea Philips '05 The Center has also played a major role in supporting various new undergraduate courses, for example: Changing Pedagogies in Math and Science Education (Praxis) Mental Health: A Praxis Course Women, Sport, and Film (jointly with Smith) Women Living Well Seminar Thinking Sex: Representing Desire and Difference