Image Aquisition

The following images are from a dorsal root ganglia neuron from an embryonic chick. The specimen was prepared with fluorescent antibodies which localize acytelated microtubules and Golgi apparatus. The images were collected by a confocal microscope.

The following images are a collage of the raw data from the microscope. The first image are microtubules as seen through the neuron from the back or bottom to the front or top. The second image is similar to the first except it is Golgi apparatus. The third and forth icons open movie sequences of the data as it would appear when focusing through the cell.

   Image       Image        Movie       Movie

Image Processing

The data set was processed and rendered using ImageVolumes, an image processing and rendering package available for Silicon Graphics workstations. The images were filtered and thresholded for identifying regions of interest. The identified anatomical structures were subsequently extracted and stored as independant objects. The anatomical structures were rendered with consideration to orientation, lighting, color, and opacity. The rendered objects in these images are the nucleus in yellow, the Golgi apparatus in red, and microtubules in green.

   Image       Movie