What happened on June 24, 2005?

Not "closure"...

Not "reconciliation"...

Not "evaporation"....

Nope. What happened was that

Paula Sublimed

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The History of the Word begins (appropriately enough) with the Science:
sublime, v.
To subject (a substance) to the action of heat in a vessel so as to convert it into vapour,
which is carried off and on cooling is deposited in a solid form.

First used c. 1386, and frequently 1460-1869.

The Etymology of the Word
takes us back to the Latin, sublimis,
probably a combination of sub, up to + limen, lintel.

(At this point, the OED also quite appropriately suggests that we
compare the French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese derivations....)

The Meaning of the Word:
sublime, adj. and noun
Set or raised aloft, high up.
First used c. 1604, and frequently 1667-1842.

Belonging to the highest regions of thought, reality, or human activity.

Standing high above others by reason of nobility or grandeur of nature or character;
of high intellectual, moral, or spiritual level.

Passing into a term of high commendation: Supreme, perfect.

More colloquially
(as explained by a chemistry professor at the party),
the molecules in a solid state have a very close relationship.
Those in a gas have no relationship at all.
A liquid is somewhere inbetween.

At the party, as Paula herself said, she passed
from the perspective of the BMC audience,
from the solid to the gaseous state,
and her spirit will forever annoy many a memory.
Also, contrary to her fears,
the transition skipped the liquid state (no tears).