Working Draft for
A Modest Proposal: A Collection of Essays on Emergence,
Arising from the Emergent Systems Working Group
at Bryn Mawr College, 2003-2004
Jan Trembley, Editor

Jan Trembley (Editor, Alumnae Bulletin), Introduction: The Nature of Things

Al Albano (Physics), Boltzmann, Shannon, Information ... and Black Holes??

Alan Baker (Philosophy), The Emergence of Everything

Doug Blank (Computer Science), What Would Motivate a Robot to Go from the Active Inanimate to Story Teller?

Doug Blank (Computer Science), Kim Cassidy (Psychology), Anne Dalke (English and Gender Studies), Paul Grobstein (Biology), Emergent Pedagogy: Learning to Enjoy the Uncontrollable--and Make It Productive

Tim Burke (History), Emergence: What It May Be Good For

Anne Dalke (English and Gender Studies), Trees and Rhizomes: Emergent Meaning/Emergent Literature

Karen Grief (Biology), Can We Model a Cell? Genetic Modules, Signaling Pathways and Emergence

Paul Grobstein (Biology), From the Active Inanimate to Models to Stories to Agency

Deepak Kumar (Computer Science), Emergence and Problem Solving: Reflections from the Perspective of Computer Science

Mark Kuperberg (Economics), What Is Canonical?: Emergence in Economics

Jim Marshall (Computer Science), Sparse Distributed Memory: Metacat as a Model of Human Analogy Making

Jim Wright (Archeology), Cycles in the Rise of Complex Societies: Emergent Phenomena?

Ted Wong (Biology), Modules in Genetic Networks: Why Evolution By Natural Selection Isn't Emergent

Rob Wozniak (Psychology), The History of the Concept of Emergence: An Attempt To Lay Out What It Is

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