Hi Rach. A propos of really nothing--
I started talking w/ you this morning--
decided to tell you about it.

So: I got interested in that wierd theft of the Munch paintings earlier this week.
Went to a gallery that displayed them, to check out the "Madonna" (which I didn't know). Found this compelling version:


Noticed how it seemed a combination of the two stolen paintings....

Thinking (obviously) about "the scream" as an aborted fetus...
I found myself drawn to all Munch's "sad couple" paintings. Noticed this one in particular:


And here's where the gallery expanded to include your stuff.
Munch's painting of "Amor and Psyche" provoked strong associations, for me, of two of your works; it seemed a combintation of

And then, seeing Munch's portrait of his sick sister,

I saw a strong echo of the portrait your dad made of you in Norway:

Anyhow: an intriguing (to me) series of associations, thought you might be interested? Munch's declaration, "No longer shall interiors be painted with men reading and women knitting," and the very different sorts of "interiors" he painted instead, seemed to me a striking continuation/extension of our earlier discussions about portrayals of self....

Anyhow: thanks for listening.
I hear you're about ready to leave for Rome--enjoy!