Preferences for Food and Travel
Talking Toward Techno-Pedagogy
June 4-7 2001

My name is:

I have no special food needs
I am vegetarian
I have other food needs:

Arrival on Monday, May 4:
I'll be arriving before 3:00pm.
I'll be arriving between 3:00 and 6:00pm.

I will need a parking sticker for my car.

For folks from the five colleges:

Amtrak Train 145 leaves Springfield at 10:00am June 4th and arrives in Philadelphia at 2:58pm
I am planning on taking Amtrak 145 and would like to be picked up from 30th Street Station.

Amtrak Train 56 leaves Philadelphia June 9th at 9:25am and reaches Springfield at 2:40pm
I like to be dropped off at 30th Street Station on Friday in time to catch Amtrak 56.

There's something else you need to know:

If you have questions, please email