List of TTTP 2000 Participants


Mark Colvson Bryn Mawr College Head of Reference Services Librarian
David Ross Bryn Mawr College Associate Professor of Economics, Chair of Department Professor
Susan Turkel Bryn Mawr College Instructional Technology Coordinator for Social Sciences Information Technologist
Nancy Strippel Bryn Mawr College '02 Student
Doug Davis
Haverford College Professor of Psychology Professor
Barbara Mindell
Haverford College Academic Computing Consultant Information Technologist
Mary Lynn Morris
Haverford College Electronic Services Librarian Librarian
Nick Yee Haverford College '01 Student
Tammy Rabideau Swarthmore College Librarian
Alina Fulop Swarthmore College '02 Student
Bruce Grant Swarthmore College Professor
Eric Behrens Swarthmore College Information Technologist
Kyra Comroe Mount Holyoke College '02 Student
Sue Fliss Mount Holyoke College Training Coordinator, Curriculum Support and Instructional Technology Information Technologist
Julie Habjan Boisselle  Mount Holyoke College Librarian
Kathy Binder Mount Holyoke College Professor
Meredith Agen Smith College '01 Student
Sam Intrator Smith College Professor
Lois Joy Smith College Statistician/Consultant, Info Technology Services Information Technologist
Robin Kinder Smith College Neilson Library Librarian
Margaret Groesbeck Amherst College Head of Reference and Online Services Librarian
Ronald Lembo Amherst College Professor of Sociology Professor
Mary McMahon Amherst College Director of Curricular Computing Services Information Technologist
Meredith Weill Amherst College '01 Student
Melissa Fleming Hampshire College '01 Student
Abigail Schoneboom Hampshire College Internet Communications Coordinator Information Technologist
Daniel Schnurr Hampshire College Social Sciences Librarian Librarian
James Wald Hampshire College Associate Professor of History Professor
Ginny Jones Vassar College Instructional Computing Consultant Information Technologist
John Kane Vassar College '02 Student
Kathy Kurosman Vassar College Educational Technology Librarian Librarian
Leonard Nevarez Vassar College Assistant Professor of Sociology Professor
Keith Harrison University of Mass. - Amherst '02 Student
William J. Masalski University of Mass. - Amherst Professor of Mathematics and Education Professor
Lori Mestre University of Mass. - Amherst Education Reference Librarian, W.E.B. Du Bois Library Librarian
Fred Zinn University of Mass. - Amherst Multimedia Applications Designer, Office of Information Technologies Information Technologist