Information Technologist Response, Swarthmore College


Questions for Information Technologists
What technologies could enhance student and faculty research/teaching/learning?
Include a brief description of the technology and a brief explanation of
its potential usefulness.

Huh, I'm a technologist, but I don't tend to think of the technology
first. Of course, our institution could gain from the use of computer-delivered
communications tools, such as those bundled under the heading of "Course
Management System." But I think there are many untapped or undertapped
areas multimedia delivery, laboratory control, collaborative/constructivist
learning tools, easy WWW database creation, etc. But I refuse to be a solution
in search of a problem. It all starts with making sure faculty understand
that they should include me as a partner in problem solving real curricular

What roles and responsibilities do you currently assume regarding the
use and instruction of technology?

At the bare minimum, my team and I accept at least partial responsibility
for all infrastructural and technical support for any academic computing
technology in place. That is, where we aren't being relied upon as the
only game in town, we contribute in whatever way is necessary to make things
work. In addition, we've been involved in issues of technology-enhanced
curriculum/teaching/learning issues.

What goals do you have for collaboration in this area?

Wide-scale implentation of a CMS, with on-going support from all major
academic support areas of the College. More focus on sustainability, scalability,
multi-use/reusable development.

What resources are you considering devoting to its future development?

Whatever it takes to make it work.

Eric Behrens
Manager of Academic Computing &
Humanities Computing Coordinator
Swarthmore College