Faculty Response, Smith College


Q: What is the course content and what are the pedagogical approaches
for which you want to draw on technological resources?

I hope to augment problem based learning scenarios that I've developed
in a conventional text form by translating them into multimedia. These
scenarios use a combination of text, still images, audio, graphics and
full motion video. My hope is that by "translating" them into a multimedia
format because it will allow me to present a richer, more deeply textured
context that will allow me to more closely model the "real world" of schools
and policy and thus narrow the gap between simulation and reality.

I also use and hope to learn more about effective practice with the
* Develop and tending electronic discussion forums
* Develop standards and conventions of quality for work done as hypermedia.
For example, what would constitute the characteristics of a project/paper
written in hypertext? What baselines of quality can I identify for my students
so they have clear objectives to work towards in their projects?
* Develop ways to use networked technologies to enhance and deepen
in-class discussions

The above characterize the teaching that I do in my issues/policy courses.
I also teach a curriculum course for secondary teachers. In this course,
I aspire to the following: First, I hope provide teachers with the experience
of using information technologies to enhance their ability to plan curriculum
and develop lessons. Second, I guide them through the experience of using
technology to enhance their teaching by utilizing multiple media: art,
music, graphics, video. Lastly, I work with them on designing activities
that allow students to become composers of multimedia.

Q: What roles and responsibilities do you currently assume regarding
the use and instruction of technology?

I teach courses and I will hopefully be working with a senior colleague
in developing a Master's degree program in the area of Learning, Design
and Technology.

Q: What goals do you have for collaboration in this area?

I believe that schools K-Higher Education need to embrace approaches
akin to Writing Across the Disciplines or Speaking Across the Disciplines.
This will require deep, inclusive collaboration amongst faculty, librarians
and others involved in the educational process.

In terms of teaching, I struggle with how long it takes to compose
hypermedia. It's incredibly time consuming and I'm still confused as to
how to develop fruitful collaborative relationships to share the work of
tending, problem-shooting, and upkeep of integrating technology into my

Sam Intrator
Smith College
Morgan Hall
Northampton, MA 01063