Student Response, Haverford College


Questions for Students:
What are your learning and research needs as defined by course
assignments? Map out the range and variation, including both the content
and the kinds of resources you encounter and need.

1) Judicious use of multimedia in the classroom can be very helpful,
but the emphasis is on judicious. Some professors never use any, while
others lecture only from Powerpoint slides.
1) Providing electronic versions of photocopied texts on the Internet,
such that readings can be easily accessed through computer terminals instead
of having to share limited physical reserved copies with other students.
2) Recording selected lectures and having these lectures accessible
through streaming media.
3) Providing class syllabi and assignments on the Internet, such that
a centralized resource is available.
1) Having a simple starting research wizard in the library webpage that
allows students to frame a general research area or topic, and where the
wizard can suggest different databases and library areas in which to search.
2) Knowing the availability of tools to conduct surveys, studies and
even experiments on the Internet. Having a workshop where students can
make good use of the resources available to them so they can conduct research
themselves with a large sample.
1) Having anonymous feedback message boards for each class so that opinions
about the class can be voiced throughout the semester, such that professors
can have a better grasp of how students are handling course material.
2) For departments to have more attractive and more frequently updated
3) For ACC to get keyed licenses to a broader range of software that
students can learn to use. Including software for web development and for
information managing (such as programs that allow data to be recorded in
a branching tree form).

What goals do you have for collaboration in this area?

1) Actual implementation of some of the above so that faculty can see
it actually happening, and more importantly working.
2) The thrust of this has to come from the students, because the technology
is easier for us to grapple with than for faculty. Acquisition and workshops
on various exciting software programs such as Photoshop or Flash will promote
student interest. Perhaps a student club that fosters interest in web development
should be started and funded through student council and the Mellon grant.
Student council money alone probably won't be enough for getting this kind
of thing started. But it's exactly what we need.