Faculty Response, Haverford College


What is the course content and what are the pedagogical approaches for
which you want to draw on technological resources? Map out the range and
variation, including both the content and the kinds of resources you encounter
and need.

I plan to continue developing the "hypersyllabus" course resources
I currently have for my Intro Psych and Methods courses. The major challenges
involve (a) augmenting and maintaining hypertextual depth in my course
notes and linked readings, (b) better integrating on-line course discussion
through Web Forum, and (c) adding streaming audio-visual materials.

What roles and responsibilities do you currently assume regarding the
use and instruction of technology?

I serve as the faculty fourth of the "Collaborative Information
Officer" and next year will be Special Assistant to the Provost for Information

What goals do you have for collaboration in this area?

I expect next year, in the role described above, to communicate with
most Haverford faculty about technology integration into their teaching
and research. Specifically, I want to encourage the building of individual
Web resources that gradually become part of larger departmental, College,
and global webs.

What resources are you considering devoting to its future development?

I hope to guide planning for capital campaign funding to endow
continued support and growth for Haverford's pedagogical and scholarly
use of information technology.

Doug Davis
Department of Psychology
Haverford College