Student Response,University of Massachusetts at Amherst


What are your learning and research needs as defined by course assignments?

What I am most likely needed to do for most of my classes is primarily note taking. These notes apply to the exams, exams that weight the heaviest for the grade in the course. The next most important subject regarding my class-work is essays. For instance, I had two classes, just this semester that required final exams, which were essays. The next in line and the final subject for getting grades is class participation.

Map out the range and variation, including both the content and the kinds of resources you encounter and need.

For the essays that I have to write, I need to know much material about the topic. These topics are mainly centered on the reading, and class discussion for a particular course. However, if I ever need to do research I usually find myself in the library looking up magazine articles, newspaper articles, and book on the library's database computer, then finding the article or book on one of the 26 floors to the library, and continuing my research there.

What goals do you have for collaboration in this area?

I would like to see the process stated above made a little easier. Such as better-generalized sub-categories in a database search, access to articles in front of you that you can print out, more access to articles, and easier access to these articles from home/apartment/dorm.