IT Response, Bryn Mawr College


What technologies could enhance student and faculty research/teaching/learning?
Include a brief description of the technology and a brief explanation of
its potential usefulness.

The networked environment provides a world of opportunities for
student and faculty research/teaching/learning. Local networks and the
Internet allow teachers and learners to communicate with each other and
with people with similar interests around the world. Course web sites,
either home-grown or in a "course management system" context, provide a
central focus for access to information resources, communications (threaded
discussions, synchronous chat, announcements, etc.), sharing of student
work, interactive exercises, grade tracking, and more.
I'm curious about various hardware technologies, such as white
boards that display the computer's projected image and also allow writing
and mouse-clicking. I've just seen them demoed at conferences and wonder
if they'd be useful in a small classroom setting.

What roles and responsibilities do you currently assume regarding
the use and instruction of technology?

I work with faculty in small groups and one-on-one in training
them to use scanners and create PowerPoint and web content. I also train
faculty in the use of "smart classroom" presentation equipment. I visit
classes and demonstrate statistical software and library resources to students.
I'm available for "house calls" to faculty offices for training in regular
desktop applications and basic operating system help. Whatever your technology
need, I'll try to help or will find someone who can.

What goals do you have for collaboration in this area?

We're trying to bring together teams of librarians, instructional
technologists, and computing services staff to have specific liasionship
roles with academic and administrative departments on campus. I hope that
these collaborations will be fruitful, and that our end users will have
a better sense of who has particular expertise and interest in their area.
What resources are you considering devoting to its future development?
This is a campus-wide initiative, and I will do whatever I can
to cooperate and help.

Susan Turkel
Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Social Sciences
Bryn Mawr College