Talking Toward Techno-Pedagogy 2001:

A Collaboration Across Colleges and Constituencies

Supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

List of TTTP 2001 Participants

Bryn Mawr College Arleen Zimmerle Librarian
Bryn Mawr College Juana Rodriguez Professor
Bryn Mawr College Ephi Dardashti Information Technologist
Bryn Mawr College Michelle Strizever Student
Haverford College Margaret Schaus Librarian
Haverford College Maud Burnett McInerney Professor
Haverford College Sharon Strauss Information Technologist
Haverford College Ryan Bowman Student
Swarthmore College Anne Garrison Librarian
Swarthmore College  Betsy Bolton Professor
Swarthmore College Eric Behrens Information Technologist
Swarthmore College Leaya Lee Student
Mount Holyoke College Raven Fonfa Librarian
Mount Holyoke College Peter Berek Professor
Mount Holyoke College Aime De Granier Information Technologist
Mount Holyoke College Andrea LeClair Student
Mount Holyoke College Tamara Burk Writing Center
Smith College Barbara Polowy Librarian
Smith College Dana Leibsohn Professor
Smith College Daniel Bridgman Information Technologist
Smith College Sarah Graulty Student
Amherst College Michael Kasper Librarian
Amherst College Jamal J. Elias Professor
Amherst College Paul Chapin Information Technologist
Amherst College Forogh Hakimzada Student
Hampshire College Serena Smith Librarian
Hampshire College Bonnie Vigeland Librarian
Hampshire College Eva Rueschmann Professor
Hampshire College John Gunther Information Technologist
Hampshire College Christelle Barber Student
Vassar College Gretchen Lieb Librarian
Vassar College Margo Crawford Professor
Vassar College Jasper Long Information Technologist
Vassar College Chaney Sims Student
University of Mass. - Amherst William Thompson Librarian
University of Mass. - Amherst Bill Israel Professor
University of Mass. - Amherst Copper Giloth Information Technologist
University of Mass. - Amherst Mary Grein Student
Hamilton College Kristin Strohmeyer Librarian
Hamilton College John O' Neill Professor
Hamilton College Janet T. Simons Information Technologist
Hamilton College Colleen Fenity Student