Talking Toward Techno-Pedagogy:

A Collaboration Across Colleges and Constituencies

Supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation



August 7 - 9, 2001: "Talking toward Techno-Pedagogy" Alison Cook-Sather and Elliott Shore facilitate a workshop for Albion, Hope, and Kalamazoo Colleges through the Great Lakes Colleges Association, with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

June 4 - 8, 2001: Second TTTP worshop takes place on Bryn Mawr's campus in Bryn Mawr, PA.

April, 2001: Elliott Shore facilitates "Exploring the Changing Roles of Librarians and Information Technologists," an in-house workshop conducted for Vassar College.

April, 2001: Elliott Shore presents "Techno-Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning at the Liberal Arts College of the 21st Century," second annual Information Commons Address, Vassar College.

March 24, 2001: Alison Cook-Sather and Elliott Shore present "Taking the Time to Talk toward Techno-Pedagogy" at Stop and Think: Critical Reflections on Technology and Pedagogy, a conference at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

February 17, 2001: Alison Cook-Sather and the Mt Holyoke team (Kathy Binder, faculty member; Susan Fliss, information technologist; Juliet Boisselle, librarian, and Kyra Comroe, student) present to the Associated Colleges of the South in Georgetown, Texas.

January 2001: "Liberal Arts Education in the New Millenium: Beyond Information Literacy and Instructional Technology, " an article written by Elliott Shore, accepted for publication in the Spring, 2001 issue of Moveable Type: The Newsletter of the Mark O. Hatfield Library, Willamette University.

January 2001: "Unrolling Roles in Techno-Pedagogy: Toward Toward New Forms of Collaboration in Traditional College Settings," an article written by Alison Cook-Sather about the workshop, accepted for publication in Innovative Higher Education 26, 2, 2001.

December 2000: "Practicing Multiple Knowledges with Information Technology: An Example from an Urban Theory Course," a paper written by Leonard Nevarez, Vassar College, submitted to the 2001 meetings of the American Sociological Association.

November 10th, 2000: Susan Perry and Elliott Shore present Talking toward Techno-Pedagogy" to the Deans, Provosts, and Presidents of the Seven Sibling colleges.

November 17th, 2000: Susan Perry and Alison Cook-Sather participate in a conversation at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation about how to provide structures and support for models such as "Talking toward Techno-Pedagogy."

November 1st, 2000: Susan Perry, Elliott Shore, and Alison Cook-Sather give a progress report at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

October 27th, 2000: Reunion at Mt. Holyoke College, hosted by Susan Perry and co-facilitated by Alison Cook-Sather and Elliott Shore, with teams from Mt. Holyoke, Smith, Amherst, Hampshire, and the University of Massachusetts.

October 14th, 2000: Elliott Shore, Alison Cook-Sather, and four participants in "Talking toward Techno-Pedagogy" (David Ross, faculty member, Bryn Mawr College; Nick Yee, student, Haverford College; Tammy Rabideau, librarian, Swarthmore College; and Barbara Mindell, instructional technologist, Haverford College) present at a meeting of the Oberlin Library Group.

May 22-25, 2000: "Talking toward Techno-Pedagogy: A Collaboration across Colleges and Constituencies." Bryn Mawr College

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