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Serendip's forums sometimes get longer than what can conveniently be accessed and displayed. They are, at the same time, in their entirety an important part of what Serendip has become at any given time (and, of course, particular contributions may well be of lasting significance). To try and balance needs for easy display and those of continuous and permanent record, only this year's forum comments are displayed on this page with earlier comments being preserved elsewhere. To go to the forum for prior years, click on the year below.

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Name: Ethan Freckleton
Subject: comments/suggestions
Date: Thu Sep 19 10:20:42 EDT 1996
An interesting and diverting site. It is always refreshing to find an academic web page that involves the user.. The presentations are very effective in making their points, and evoking thought (a trait often overcome by short attention-spans). WEB-EDITING Comment: You have no link back to the main page from the 'freewill*' series. Also, consider making a BGCOLOR instead of the 'blah' gray that is default. A change to something more engaging such as white tends to attract visitors to read on further. Good luck, I'll definately ear-mark this site for future visits. Ethan Freckleton Managing Editor - The Advocate (No, not the gay-zine!)
Name: Paul Grobstein
Subject: Ethan's note
Date: Thu Sep 19 11:09:33 EDT 1996
Its nice to be complimented for what one wants to be. But we cheated slightly. Ethan's note came a few days ago, just as Serendip was getting ready to metamorphose, with (yes, indeed) a new background white instead of that blah gray. And with (among other things) new forum areas, such as this one. Ethan's note seemed a perfect contribution to the inauguration of the new Serendip. All comments and criticisms gratefully received ... toward making better sense of the world.

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