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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.


A group of Bryn Mawr students and faculty interested in science education.


We are a group of students and faculty from Bryn Mawr College involved in the sciences. The aim of our organization is to interest children in science. We believe that this can best be achieved by letting students experience what it feels like to be scientists. We want to impress upon them that science is not an abstract subject but a vital capacity that they possess and use everyday to understand the world around them.

We have designed a series of presentations that focus on different topics in science. Examples of these are available, and we welcome suggestions from teachers so we can develop a series of topics that will be of particular interest to your students. The presentations are not meant to be lectures but rather interactive demonstrations that foster discussion among students in the class and urge them to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to interesting questions in science. Our presentations will be tailored to the grade level of your class and will usually last from thirty to fifty minutes. We will provide all the necessary equipment and supplies. You provide the students!

We do not regard our project as an effort to teach science nor to alter the existing curriculum. Instead, we want Science Connection to complement your school's science program. Our purpose is to give your students an opportunity to discuss questions in science, to talk about careers in science, and to share our enthusiasm, as active students of science, about scientific inquiry. We want to show your students that science is not based on finding a single right answer but on the process of developing and testing possible hypotheses. This is not only an intellectually rewarding experience, it is a creative one, and most of all it is fun.

For information contact Jennifer Zarutskie, Bryn Mawr College Class of 1994,
(610) 526-7039,

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