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Science and a Sense of Place:
Watershed Education
for K-12 Students

Catherine Riihimaki is a post-doc and Kaitlin Friedman '07 is an undergraduate in the Geology Department at Bryn Mawr College. They developed hands on environmental studies activities for grades K-12 for a summer institute for teachers. Serendip is pleased to make these activities available to a wider audience.

Raindrop Rollplay

A hands-on activity in which students determine the path of raindrops in a small-scale drainage basin. Students learn the definition of drainage basin, how to recognize a small drainage basin in a landscape, and which processes play a role in the water cycle.

Click here to download Lab for Raindrop Rollplay in PDF format or in Word format

Vital Signs:
Assessing the health of the ponds and streams in your watershed

A series of measurements that can be done on local streams in rural and urban settings to determine the general characteristics and health of a watershed. Students learn several of the variables that can be measured, how to use scientific instruments to make observations, how to represent their data graphically, and how to interpret their results in the context of watershed processes.

Click here to download Lab for Vital Signs in PDF format or in Word format

A Sense of Scale and Interconnectedness Using Topo Maps

An indoor activity in which students use topographic maps to look at the regional characteristics of watersheds. Students learn how to read topographic maps, how to recognize drainage basins on maps, a sense of scale of drainage basins, and a sense of the interconnectedness of drainage basins.

Click here to download Lab for Topo Maps in PDF format or in Word format



Teachers are encouraged to copy and modify these labs for use in their teaching.
If you have any comments or would like additional information, please contact Catherine Riihimaki at
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