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Topic: Science Education

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Name: Jeanne Place
Subject: Training scientists
Date: Thu Sep 24 19:22:07 EDT 1998
I'm a graduate student and I'm looking for learning strategies to help teach post graduates science. I would like it to have a workplace training and development of science, i.e., how do you teach chemists the latest EPA test they will be running. I don't think learning strategegies like Problem Based Learning or Constructivism work well on adult learners with a higher education. Does anyone know about any references in this area? I would think teaching scientists would be pretty cut and dry. I'm thinking they really don't need (or want) to break into groups and develop a conceptual map!!!! Please help - Jeanne
Name: anonymous
Subject: getting the 'right' answers
Date: Sat Jan 23 21:05:12 EST 1999

Name: Jacob Ghitis
Date: Mon Sep 20 04:54:33 EDT 1999
I wonder if anyone would be interested in interdialogging on Dynamic-Scientific Philosophy. It seems that this Forum is not visited. Therefore, I will not return, unless I get an @. Jacob

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