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Liz McCormack, Paul Grobstein and Sasha Schwartz

Bryn Mawr College
Physics and Biology Departments
Pennsylvania, PA 19010

Presented at the PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century 2000 National Assembly,
December 1-2, 2000, Tucson, AZ

Center for Science In Society

Quantum mechanics is a view of the material world which is sufficiently counter-intuitive so that even those most actively involved in its advancement today remain uncertain about exactly how its essence is best interpreted and conveyed.

Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize physicist, came up with a way to interpret quantum mechanics that allows one to retain most of the intuitions we have for the behavior of particles (as opposed to other interpretations which instead rely on our intuitions about waves). In this exhibit, you can work through Feynman's way of thinking about quantum behavior which he summarized as

Explore All Paths!


"The Boundaries of Nature: Special and general relativity and quantum mechanics, a second course in physics:"
Edwin F. Taylor's acceptance speech for the 1988 Oersted Medal presented by the AAPT.  Am. J. Phys. 66, 369(1998).

Richard P. Feynman, "QED:  The Strange Theory of Light and Matter" (Princeton U. P., Princeton, 1985).

I. The Exhibit

II. The Collaboration

Feynman's admonition "To Explore All Paths!"  also turned out to be very apt advice for a successful collaboration.


III. Future and Related Work

This project is in progress at :

Interactive Physics - annotated list of websites can be found at:



What do you feel are the key incentives for and barriers to interdisciplinary work like that illustrated in this talk?

Barriers Incentives
Lack of venue for meeting/thinking/talking Being energized
Inability to compromise Learn new things/ideas/perspectives
Funding (FTE's) Broader understanding for students
Lack of opportunities to talk with others Help with solving a problem
Product of collaboration wouldn't count in professional evaluation Better preparation for pre-service teachers


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