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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

Interactive Science

Serendip sees the web as a tool which can make education a more interactive and exploratory process, by making freely available educational resources at a variety of levels and also, even more importantly, be making it increasingly possible to learn by doing (see Serendip's Web Principles and Credo on Education and Technology). To encourage understanding and use of the web in this way, Serendip provides annotated lists of links useful for learning/teaching in a variety of areas (see Interactive Physics and Interactive Chemistry). The focus is not on course syllabi or notes but rather on materials from which individuals can learn themselves, and particularly on those with an interactive component. This list and annotations for science in general was created by Yaena Park in July 2005. Suggestions for additions to the list are warmly welcomed and should be sent to Serendip.

  Accessibility Level Playfulness Interactivity Explanation
Exploratorium ... Website of the Exploratorium Museum. It's a very interactive cyber museum where many people can enjoy exploring. It approaches science using food, music, sports, etc. so that it can attract diverse audience. general, including kids
ABC Science Online ... A lively website (from Australia) where engagement of the audience is encouraged. It introduces science using news in science, forums, games and experiments. general, including kids
BBC Science and Nature ... Discusses very interesting topics using articles, surveys and modules. It covers a broad range of science in an easily approachable way. general
Making the Modern World ... his website presents stories about science and invention in historical context. Discussed topics are connected to each other, so it is easy to broaden your knowledge by exploring this website. However, the contents are presented in a traditional way. general
Antenna ...Constantly updated science and technology news from the Science Museum in London.. It leads into science topics using the social/political news that many people are interested in. There are games and and "in-depth" section where it gives explanations at more sophisticated levels. general
Buzz Blog ...A branch of the Science Museum of Minnesota. It has a collection of interesting science topics that are linked to other websites. It encourages the communication between scientists and the visitors of the website, but not much talking is happening. general, including kids
Who Am I? These exhibits are from the Science Museum in London and approach the question of "Who am I?" from different perspectives. Each exhibit starts out by asking the question followed by subsections that briefly discuss the historical context, everyday life related subjects and molecular levels. They give good introductions to the topic for people who are not familiar with them. general
Math Forum ... In this website, there is an active communication among mathematicians, math teachers and students. It offers useful math sources by subject and links to other websites on mathematics. K-12, college, teachers
Contemporary Issues in Science ... This website explores an interesting question, "do your genes drive you to drink?". It engages people by asking questions and by showing science, society and history aspects of drinking. high school
Gizmos ... This website offers interactive modules that are closely related to school curricula. It is useful when there is limited access to lab equipment. The modules and the assessment questions are appropriately used to help students' conceptual understanding. Demos available but subscription required for extended use .general

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