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Where to Purchase Chemicals for Experiments


CHEMICAL Type of Store Type of Product
acetic acid supermarket vinegar
acetone drug store fingernail polish remover
  paint store solvent


hardware/paint denatured alcohol
    paint thinner


drugstore rubbing alcohol


hardware/paint paint thinner
  auto supply gas line antifreeze
antacid tablets drugstore 
aluminum hardware wire, siding nails, flashing
  craft store 
bobby pins drugstore metal not plastic
butane lighter supermarket/drugstore 
citric acid supermarket gator aid, tang, crystal light
copper hardware wire
  craft store strips
cornstarch supermarket 
corn syrup supermarket 
cream of tartar supermarket 
dishwashing liquidsupermarket 
gelatin dessert supermarket jell-o, royal etc [citric flavors]
glycerin drugstore 
guar gum health food store 
hydrochloric acid commercial cleaning supply muriatic acid
Iodine [tincture of] drugstore 
iron hardware nails, wire
lead craft store strips
  sporting goods sinkers
lighter fluid drugstore 
magnesium bicycle repair shop light weight frames
  camping supply light weight packframes
oxalic acid commercial cleaning supply bartenders' cleaner
  auto supply radiator cleaner
oils supermarket cooking oils
  drugstore baby oil & mineral oil
  auto supply motor oils
paradicholorbenzene supermarket mothballs
pH indicator strips pet supply 
  swimming pool supply 
plaster of paris hardware 
popcorn supermarket 
powdered sugar supermarket 
sodium bicarbonate supermarket baking soda
sodium borate supermarket borax
sodium hydroxide supermarket drain cleaner
  hardware lye
sodium thiosulfate photography store fixer, hypo
sugar supermarket 
toluene hardware thinner, solvent
  paint store 
waterless hand cleaner auto supply 
white glue craft store 
  stationery store  
xylene paint store thinner, solvent
zinc hardware hot dipped galvanized nails
  craft store strips

Indicators that the school will need to purchase

Congo red


lead nitrate

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