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Violence in Schools

(updated by Rebecca Kaufman, November 2005)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Main page

Contemporary Issues: Violence in School

Reducing School Violence Through Conflict Resolution

Educational Leadership

Violence in the Schools
an issue of Teacher Talk, a new publication just for secondary teachers; focuses on Violence and the various related issues and ways to intervene

Conflict Resolution Fact Sheet

The Purple Ribbon Project (PRP)
a non-profit education and awareness effort dedicated to reducing violence in our society, our communities, our schools, and most importantly, our homes

Criminal Justice Resources: School Safety and Violence

Stopping School Violence

National School Safety Center (main page)

Center of the Prevention of School Violence (main page)

The Ribbon of Promise (main page)

The School Violence Watch Network (main page)

Preventing Youth Violence in Urban Schools: An Essay Collection

School Violence: Risk, Preventive, Intervention, and Policy

Violence Free School Policy

Pavnet Online
a comprehensive online library of information about violence and youth, representing data from seven different Federal agencies

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