Math and Science Education

Understanding in Mathematics & Science
short article about what understanding math and science means

A Guide to Teaching English and Science Together
article talks about how math and science education can help young children learn English

Two Cultures of Pedagogy:Teaching and Learning in the Natural Sciences and the Humanities
interesting abstract of an article from ERIC Digests

What Does Research Say About Science?
paper about the need for science education reform

21st Century Problem Solving
paper about improving problem solving literacy

Cognition and Development
"an area of study that represents a union of intellectual perspectives regarding psychological development, cognition, and learning in particular content domains"

Advocacy Organizations:

National Center for Improving Student Learning and Achieving in Mathematics and Science
an organization with a focus to "craft, implement in schools, and validate a set of principles for the design of classrooms that promote understanding in both mathematics and science"

ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education

Ongoing Efforts:

The Knowledge Integration Environment (KIE) Project
pioneers educational uses of the Internet and World WideWeb for middle and high school science instruction

International Mathematics and Science Study
a resource center for math and science educators by TIMSS


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