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The Theory of Play

"playfulness is ... not only to be enjoyed but to be accorded high value for its fundamental role in the success of all organisms, including humans." -- from Variability in Brain Function and Behavior
One can and should indeed take play seriously. The list below provides an evolving set of resources to help think about exactly what play is and what role it has in biology, education and life. Suggested additions to this list are welcome.

Child Playgrounds
article about playgrounds helping to foster mental development as well as physical development

Applications of Vygotsky's Theory to Education

Child's Play? It's more important to your child than you realize!

The Nature of Children's Play
from ERIC Digest.

Play is the Business of Kids
from the National Network for Child Care (1994)

The Worksheet Dilemma: Benefits of Play-Based Curricula
by Sue Grossman, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Teacher Education, Eastern Michigan University

Why Children Talk to Puppets
briefly discusses some theories of play and its importance

Broken Links? Gone forever?

How children are being deprived of crucial play time
a news article addressing schools replacing children time spent relaxed in fantasy play with structured activities

The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Education
written by an educator as a resource for other educators

The Importance of Play

The Role of Play for Children

Pointless Play has a Point

What Are Children Learning When They Play
Excerpt from SMART START The Parents' Guide To Preschool Education

The Danger of "Educational" Play
excerpt from a book


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