Education and Gender Differences

Increasing the enrollment, retention and success of female students in non-traditional areas: What strategies can we use to involve staff in developing a more gender- and culturally-inclusive educational environment?

Gender differences in academic achievement and self-concept in coeducational and single-sex schools
research project on gender differentiation by the Australian Research Council

Report Casts Doubt on the Value Of Single-Sex Schooling
article from Education Week

Gender Socialization
report of a study of gender socialization in children from various countries

Why Everyone Should Be Aware of Gender Differences In Higher Education

Gender Equity:

Strategies for Gender Equitable Teaching
A summary of the preliminary Report of the Gender Equity Advisory Committee, B.C. Ministry of Education, Feb. 1994

Gender Equity in Education
by Martha Borrowman, an educator and advocate of gender equity

Gender equity - secondary education in the ACT
Report from the Public Policy Assessment Society Inc.

The 'Gender Gap' in Education and Diane Ravich comment
opinion piece from the Men's movement

American Association of University Women
is a national organization that promotes education and equity for all women and girls

The national Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Equity Resource Center
works to improve educational, social, and economic outcomes for women and girls


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