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Education and Technology:
Serendip's Experiences 1994-2004

Synthesized by Paul Grobstein and Jody Cohen

Serendip was founded ten years ago in part as "a continually developing set of resources to explore and support intellectual and social change in education ...". Over the past decade, Serendip has been involved in an extended (and continuing) process of "trying out things" to see how the web can be used in education.

Science as Storytelling

A core ideal of Serendip is that science is a human activity, a shared expression of human curiosity and story telling in which all humans can be involved. From this ideal, a major Serendip initiative is to develop and make available interactive explorations, web based activities related to broad human questions.

Individuals can play with and learn from Serendip activities, in classrooms or out, and come to better understand their own capabilities as scientists and the nature of science itself.

Science as Social Activity

By way of such additional features as online forums, Serendip encourages an understanding of science as a social activity, one in which the sharing of stories among explorers is a central component of the enterprise.

Exploring with Scientific Style

To the right is a sampling of Serendip's interactive explorations. The idea of these exhibits is not to simply illustrate "scientific" and "technological" ideas but rather to give visitors background and interactive materials which will allow, support, and encourage visitors to explore in a "scientific style", by

  • observing patterns,

  • generating hypotheses based on them,

  • making new observations directed at disproving their hypotheses in a cyclic and endless recursion.

Since there is something to be learned from the evolution of our own explorations of how to achieve these objectives, the interactive explorations are presented chronologically with brief comments.

Additional Resources on Serendip

Directory of Interactive Explorations
on Serendip (1994-2004)

Early Interactive Explorations , 1994-96

Interactive Explorations, 1997-2001

Recent Interactive Explorations, 2002-2005

  • Time To Think?, one of our most recent exhibits, using Shockwave as well as cgi/database (inactivated here) and with extended information about "doing observational science"

  • Thinking About Segregation and Integration, one of our most recent exhibits, using a java applet and with extended information about "doing modelling science"

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