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Topic: Serendip and Togo

This is a forum area for conversation about science and mathematics education in Togo and the United States, as considered in the
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Name: Susan White
Username: swhite@brynmawr.edu
Subject: Greetings/Bienvenu
Date: Wed Mar 8 13:35:56 EST 2000
Welcome to the Forum area of Serendip's Togo connection.

Hospitality is an important part of West African culture and during my stays in Togo I enjoyed the genuine warmth of the Togolese people. During the last decade the Togolese people have suffered economic and political hardships, yet remain committed to giving their young people the best education possible and opportunities to communicate with students elsewhere in the world. I hope that this forum area becomes a hospitable place in which our common interests, such as globablization and democratization, may be discussed.

Your comments, e-mails, and letters are welcome in either English or French.

In the near future we hope to have a French version of this site.

Name: Susan White
Username: swhite@brynmawr.edu
Subject: Twin schools and cities/Jumelages
Date: Wed Mar 8 17:15:39 EST 2000
One of my motivations for starting this site was the repeated request from Togolese students, teachers, administrators, and government officials to participate in "Twin Schools" or "Twin Cities" programs. If your (French or German) class, school or town is interested in having a Togolese counterpart please contact me so that I can put you in touch with them.
Name: jude english
Username: judith.english@uwe.ac.uk
Subject: possibility of greenmapping project collaboration for an educational group in Togo and a family learning community allotment in Bristol England
Date: Thu Jul 6 08:32:48 EDT 2000
Hello Susan, Thanks for your interesting site and information. I am a part-time student (studying Science, Society and the Media) here in Bristol in England and am also a member of an environmental group working towards making a "greenmap" for Bristol (see more about green mapping on www.greenmap.org). Do you know of any groups or organisations in Togo that would be interested in the environmental/science education possibilities that making a greenmap for their area might bring, and the possibility of a collaboration or exchange of information and ideas with young people in Bristol. Some members of our group are educated other than at school and are interested in exploring the similarities and differences of education. For example, we are learning about science in a community garden in our neighbourhood and wonder how other people learn about science. We have just started thinking about our green map and looking at others around the world. I would be grateful for information, advice or contacts, thanks. Judith English

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