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January, 2001

Pictures on the left show a colorful blend of traditional and school-related activities in the Plateau Region. Traditional dancers and women parading at the January 13 celebration in Tohoun, traditional chiefs assembled to wish the "Prefet" a Happy New Year, the "Proviseur" and his newly constructed high school in Tohoun, villagers in Tado grappling with US time zones, and a girls' Junior High basketball team from Notse. At the bottom two of Susan's former collegues from Lycée d'Alamé are shown.

  • Weather report in Tohoun

    The dry season came early and many of Tohoun's wells were dry by January, 2001. Sporadic and localized rains have produced highly variable crop yields then September rains flooded some crops.

  • School Update

    Due to the hot weather the Lycée students attended school from 7 AM to 2:00 PM with two breaks for snacks during the dry season. This "continuous day" schedule replaced the lengthy noon break and no longer forced the students to walk or bike to school twice each day. Students in Premiere took the Bac I mid-July and Terminale students took the Bac II at the end of July. Once again, students from this small, remote school performed well on the tough National Exams. September 24 marks the start of the 2001-2 school year.

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