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English 212

2002 Third Paper

On Serendip

Abstract on Praxis Site

by Anonymous

My praxis field site is a house for women recovering from drug addictions. Up to ten women live there at a time, and there is always at least one staff member on duty. Many people work at the house as secretaries, therapists, and activities coordinators. All of the staff, including the director, seem to have a great relationship with the women. During the days, the main therapist runs meetings with the women, in groups and individually. People from outside organizations also come in to talk to the residents. These outside sessions can be about life skills such as cooking and going to job interviews, or about obstructions that these women might find on their way to recovery. The women vary a great deal in age, and there are currently both black and white women living at the house. The residents do all of the household chores and cooking.

The women there are generally very open about sex. Some of the women there are quiet and reserved; while these women are clearly comfortable with the others' sexual comments, they do not make many themselves. It is the women who are outspoken on a regular basis who are also outspoken about sex. They have asked for a few specific things to be discussed in the curriculum, such as homosexuality.

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