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English 212

2002 Third Paper

On Serendip

Sex Worker Project

Michelle McGrath

I am working with a brand new organization (and anne has said i am not allowed to name it although i can't at all figure out why) that is getting started with a little help from Prevention Point, Philadelphia's needle exchange program. They are lending some resources to help us create a group that provides harm reduction information for sex workers in Philly. For now our goals are mostly to disseminate information, condoms and referrals to sex workers. Through these inital stages we hope to engange with sex workers and better understand their needs so that we can adjust our servieces to their needs. Just these begining stages is a lot on our plate as the pamphlets we hope to distribute require a lot of research. After getting through the begining grunt work, hopefully we can get out into the community and really make a difference in the lives of real people.

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