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English 212
2002 Second Paper
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Masturbation 101

Jessica Tucker

Jessica Tucker
Thinking Sex

Masturbation 101


Development of Sex-Ed Curriculum


The sexual subgroup that I examined in our last paper was heterosexual women at Bryn Mawr who are not currently sexually active.  These women are already fairly knowledge about sex and safe sex and they are already not using this knowledge because they are not sexual active.  A curriculum concerning these topics would not be very beneficial to them.  However masturbation is a topic that is shrouded in secrecy much more than other sexual topics and sex-ed class about masturbation would probably be very beneficial to all women, because masturbation is a great way to explore ones’ own body and desires regardless of other sexual activities.

In the sexual subgroup there are women ranging from those who have never masturbated to those who do it frequently.  It is a topic already discussed by these women, but a sex-ed curriculum would provide the forum for all the women to share their positive and negative feelings and experiences concerning masturbation.  Also it would give these women the opportunity to talk and ask about something that is usually unspoken (masturbation and female anatomy) and learn more about themselves and what is “natural.”

This course would be taught as seminar/workshop in masturbation positive manner. Within the class masturbation would not be treated as something dirty, wrong, or harmful, but these connotation of masturbation would be discussed.  The class would be an exploration the female body, what masturbation is, the connotations and feelings surrounding masturbation, and how/why women masturbate.  Assigned readings would be informative, but also to allow those women who do not want speak about personal masturbation experiences the ability to participate in the class in a removed manner.  Furthermore there should never be any pressure on the women to divulge experiences/information or do anything to her body that she is not comfortable with.

The following is a basic outline for the subject matter of this curriculum.  Sections do not necessarily correspond to one day/meeting.


Section 1: Learning About Our Bodies:

Through in-depth explanations and explorations of the female body and female arousal, we will learn about our own bodies, the private areas that are usually kept secret and we therefore lack knowledge of.  The readings examine the female body biologically and scientifically.

Bring to class: A few artistic (realistic photographs or paintings) or scientific representations of the female body (genitals).


§       Barbach, Lonnie Garfield. For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality. (49-72)

§       Masters, William H. and Virgina E. Johnson: Human Sexual Response. Tables 17-1 & 17-2 “Sexual Response Cycle of the Human Female – Extra genital Reactions and Genital Reactions”. (286-289) & (Optional reading 27-80,111-140)


§       Using the text and pictures brought to class we will explore and discuss the female body.

§       What new things did you learn about the female body?

§       Did anything seem particularly interesting or unusual?

§       Why is this part of the body so hidden (both physically and culturally)?

Homework:  Explore your own body. Possibly with the help of a mirror examine the parts of the body that we have read about and discussed. The purpose of this is not for sexual gratification, but for a greater understanding/knowledge of your own body.


Section 2: Views on Masturbation

To understand our own feelings on masturbation, we will look at how masturbation has been viewed by society, other women, and history.  Readings include exploration of masturbation confusion, national survey answers on masturbation and a Q&A forum on masturbation.

Bring to class: A few masturbation myths.


§       Barbach, Lonnie Garfield. For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality. (1-31, 39-48)

§       Hite, Shere. The Hire Report: A Nationwide Study on Female Sexuality. (5-18, 57-127 and optional 131-253)

§       Klassen, Albert D., etc. Sex and Morality in the U.S. – Questionnaire: Feelings about Masturbation (400-403)

§ Go Ask Alice: Q&A forum.


§       How is masturbation viewed culturally and individually?

§       What are the negative views/myths about masturbation?

§       Are these views founded?

§       What are the positive views about masturbation?

§       Is male masturbation more accepted/depicted than female masturbation in our culture? Why?

Homework:  Tell one person about a masturbation myth and why it is incorrect.


Section 3: Starting Masturbation

Women in this group have different masturbation comfort levels.  To begin exploring our bodies sexually we are going to start with the very basics. Readings are designed to introduce these women to masturbation.

Bring to class: An open mind.


§       Barbach, Lonnie Garfield. For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality. (73-122)

§,10707,166917,00.html Article on masturbation at Read “Masturbation 101: 6 Tips for Solo Pleasure” and “Masturbation How-To (Cosmopolitan)”


§       Why masturbate?

§       If you have masturbated before, how did you get started?

§       Does anything in the reading sound interesting/fun?

§       Do the women have masturbated before have advice for those who have not?

Homework:  If you feel comfortable, try masturbating.


Section 2: More “Advanced” Masturbation: Sex Toys and Exploration

Masturbation in its essence is a sexual exploration. There are an endless number of sex toys and styles of masturbation to explore.  These readings help explore the possibilities of masturbation.

Bring to class: An open mind.


§       Hite, Shere. The Hire Report: A Nationwide Study on Female Sexuality. (19-54)

§       Go to a site like and look around at sex toys that could be used in masturbation.

§,10707,166917,00.html Article on masturbation at Read “Masturbation 201: 5 Tips for Advanced Masturbation Pleasure” and “Buzz on Vibrators”

§ Masturbation Page – Read some of the visitors’ own masturbation experiences.


§       An in class workshop with sex toys. A representative from a female orientated sex shop will bring sex toys.

§       Based on participants’ comfort level: talk about masturbation experiences.

§       Are there any of the sex toys or visitors experiences that you are you interested in trying?

§       How do you feel about masturbation?

Homework:  Have fun! Be comfortable with and explore your body!


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