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English 212
2002 Second Paper
On Serendip

Restrictive Views of Sexuality in a Catholic Setting

Sarah Hesson

Since I preferred not to post my whole paper on the web, following is a general description of the sexuality issues I found important in the context of a Catholic education. I felt my Catholic education avoided discussion of sexuality, and as a result, made my classmates and I unaware of the varying degrees to which sexual behaviors can be dangerous and skeptical that the teachers had any idea what sexual behavior even was. Then, in High School, the feeling that either you were a good Catholic school girl or a bad one mirrored the idea in Catholicism, and perhaps other branches of Christianity, that a woman is either in Mary's image or Eve's, nothing in between. Even nuns who talked about sexuality didn't seem to have healthy, inclusive views about it. The healthiest open sexual discussion I've ever experienced is with my friends, and though I am grateful to this, I think it can lead into a downward spiral of the blind leading the blind, so to speak, where people with equally sparse knowledge are helping each other make decisions that can potentially be life-altering.

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