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English 212
2002 First Paper
On Serendip

Reproductive Repercussions/Not

Anonymous Writer3

Essentially my paper attempted to tackle the question "What does it mean
to be sexually active and never had to deal with reproductive
repercussions?" I attempted to locate places and spaces (i.e. literature,
the Internet) where this was being discussed, but I was unsuccessful in
finding anything.

My choice in choosing this sub-group came about as a result of two things:
1) Being the only person out of my group of friends in my neighborhood
that has never had to make a reproductive choice as a result of pregnancy.
2) Discussions I hear surrounding issues of pregnancy: many people have a
stance on whether they are pro-life or pro-choice. I also hear a lot of
talk around the issues of future pregnancy--- we talk about whether or not
we are going to have children, what age we hope to give birth, how many
kids we want, whether we want a boy or girl--- the one thing we don't talk
about is how we feel now, at this late teen/ early 20's moment of not
having been pregnant.

Does this lack of language and discussion stem from the social taboo that
sexual activity out of marriage is "wrong" and therefore keeps us from
talking to one another/ supporting one another? Is it assumed that we are
the young women who have "made it" and therefore need no language
or forum for our own sexual discourse?

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