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Name:  Anne Dalke
Subject:  First Paper Assignment
Date:  2002-09-20 11:45:38
Message Id:  2791
Your first paper is due this coming Tuesday, September 24th. Please bring four copies to class, because we will be doing small group writing workshops w/ one another's essays that day. Plan to submit one hard copy to me when class ends; also e-mail me the essay as an attachment, so that I can hand post it on our website. Be sure that your name and the essay's title are on the first page of the text.

Your assignment is to choose a sexual sub-group w/ which you are familiar, and write a 3-pp. paper describing how this group uses language to talk about sex. Several of you have asked me what I mean by "sexual sub-group." What I want you to do is find an identity group you feel a part of, or can find out enough about to write an account of how they put sex into language (or not--it might be particularly interesting to have records of some groups where sex is NOT articulated linguistically.....) This can take the form of a report, an analysis, a narrative--you choose.

I'm very much looking forward to collecting this data!

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