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English 212
2002 First Paper
On Serendip

Ice Cream Party

Fritz Dubuisson

The topic of sex seems to come up in the most unlikely places. It has been my experience that most people are thinking sex, they just won't admit it to themselves or those around them. It is amazing what people will say when they are either extremely comfortable or very nervous and so my story begins.

There we were sitting one sunny spring afternoon. Practicing the art of procrastination. We'd all just had had dinner. So, with bellies full and half asleep we decided that we should have some ice cream since it turned out that none of us had had some good icream in a while. We all got our icecream and got into comfortable positions around the table and as is usual start randomly talking about something that we had been thinking about that day. Since we were all finished for the day no one really had anywhere to go, so the conversation just flowed in and out of topics. Somewhere in the middle of our conversation and the catching up, we started saying how we all really need some icecream and how we deserved to be treated. After a long semester of slaving away for professors who just didn't get us or how we worked we deserved to do somthing just because we enjoyed it. We all had something to add to the horror story that had been our first year of college. Then, as it always does when we get comfy, the conversation turned to sex. One of my friends was having technical difficulties with her icecream cone. The other ,being the very helpful person that she, started giving her instructions on how to properly lick an icecream cone. We had previously been discussing a pair of CDs I owned and had let the friend who was having icecream problems borrow.

The CDs were by the same artist, Joe. Now, the name Joe had never evoked pictures of midnight rendezvous or any after noon delights, but we all soon learned that there was so much more to a name. The other friend had heard both CDs and agreed with me whole heartedly that our friend just had to hear this guy sing. The CDs were entitled My name is Joe and All That I Am. The first one released was All That I Am. The theme to this CD was realationships and the good and hurtful emotions that they bring with them. The second CD was geared more toward making love, having sex, knocking the boots and so on. I think he uses these terms and then some to get his point across. Which was basically act of being sensual and the emotions that would hopefully drive one to want to be sensual.There was one song inparticular that had gotten the attention of both of them. The song had a line that went something like you can drink from my fountain and I'll drink from your cup. So here we were eating icecream talking about what that meant. One friend immediately got what he was saying the other took a couple of seconds to digest the info and them looked at our faces. From the looks on our faces to the icecream in our hands the gates were opened. We talked for a good two hours about how a potential lover should pass the icecream test. You give them an icecream cone and watch how they go at it. Some are thoughtful and get every drop while others are sloppy and get everything in sight covered in icecream. From there it's up to you to decide what kind of icecream habits you prefer. After this conversation we marvelled at how we could seriously sit there and analyze one line of a song like all our lives depended on it. It was then that we all figured out that if a topic interests you every tidbit of information you can get is interesting and though provoking., and continue to think. We could have continued with our talk all night and into the next day, but they kicked us out of the dining hall.

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