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"In Autism, New Goal Is Finding It Soon Enough to Fight It"
For years, autism was rarely noticed before the age of two, its symptoms overlooked by busy parents or so subtle that pediatricians missed them. But in the last two years much has changed. Scientists have set out to diagnose the disorder as early as possible, and slowly, more children with autism are being identified before they turn two. Read more...

"Battling Insurers Over Autism Treatment"
With an estimated 425,000 autistic children in the United States, parents are increasingly demanding that insurers pay the bills for treatment. But most insurers say that such treatment has not been proved effective by scientific tests and that therapists often do not have sound credentials. Read more...

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On the lighter side...

Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical

"You ought to meet MY mind. Scary place indeed. Big dark rooms withoverflowing file cabinets all over the place. Can't find a damn thing." ~ Jessie Hunter, in the context of being a parent of a child with autism

Autism: In a world of dreams and shadows
Autism is a neurological disorder that is interesting, in part, because of its potential to shed light on how we perceive and understand the world around us, and how we are able to relate to other human beings, by demonstrating what happens when one is unable to relate with others, and has trouble with perception and understanding.

Through Different Eyes: How People with Autism Experience the World
A person with autism senses things differently then we normally do, and also responds to them in other ways – what we would call "abnormal behaviors". Why is this so?

Mental Health - Autism
Perspectives on autism "from the inside", by people experiencing and addressing autism in their own lives and/or in the lives of their family and friends.

Culture as Disability
Essay by Ray McDermott and Hervé Varenne.

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