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Science Matters

A weekly feature (begun December 2004), supported by the Bryn Mawr College Center for Science in Society,
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March 2, 2005
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"Scientists develop 'toddler' robot"

In what could be described as one small step for a robot, but a giant leap for robot-kind, a trio of humanoid machines were introduced Thursday, each with the ability to walk in a human-like manner.

Each bipedal robot has a strikingly human-like gait and appearance. Arms swing for balance. Ankles push off. Eyeballs are added for effect. Read more...

Read and hear NPR story...

“Memory in artificial neural networks” - Emergent Systems: A Discussion, March 2, 2005, with Doug Blank and Lisa Meeden

Bringing up robot: Fundamental
mechanisms for creating a self-motivated, self-organizing architecture
- related paper written by Douglas Blank, Deepak Kumar, Lisa Meeden, & James Marshall

On the lighter side...

"I have never seen a human being who more perfectly represented the modern conception of a robot." ~ Winston Churchill, referring to the Soviet statesman Molotov

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