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Online Dictionary of Mental Health

Mental Health Infosource

A Guide To TheMental Health Internet

Mental Health Guide

Internet Mental Health

Knowledge Exchange Network

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health and Health Links

Mental Heath and Substance Abuse Links

Chilren's Mental Health Links

Psychiatry and Mental Health Links

Links to mental illness, research, causes and treatments

Mental Healht webcrawler

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Sdrvices Administration

Megalists of Psychology-Related Sites on the Web

Welcome to Psych Web!

MedlinePlus Health Information

National Mental Health Association

Health-Related Organizations

combined Health Information Database

NIH Toll-Free Health Information Lines

Online consumer Health Information

US Department of Health and Human Services

Mental Health Links

Links to Professional Resources

Mentla Health Surfboard

Links to National Mental Health Sites

Psychology-related Links

Links for sites with specific disorders related to psychology

National Library of Medicine

The Dual Diagnosis Website

Grassroots Social Work Search Engine

Social Work Practice Issues

Health Links Social Work Library

Social Work Resources on the Web

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

Links to Mental Health Foundations

National Mental Health Sites

Pendulum's Bipolar Disorder/Manic-Depression Pages

Schizophrenia--Doctor's Guide to the Internet

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These resources lists are being compiled by Christine Tubiak, working with Paul Grobstein, Department of Biology, and James Martin, School of Social Work and Social Research, at Bryn Mawr College. Suggestions for additions to the list are welcome, as are more general thoughts about how to most effectively make available information, and promote conversation, about issues of mental health. Contact - -