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To encourage productive interaction among people who approach issues of mental health from diverse perspectives, and to facilitate the new openings which emerge from sharing of such perspectives.



Conversations ...

Mental health is a wide-ranging subject, spanning diverse yet interrelated topics which raise similarly interrelated issues of intellectual, social, practical, and individual concern. This discussion center is intended to encourage thinking and useful sharing of perspectives on topics in mental health. Every few weeks, a link to a relevant on-line paper will be provided here, to serve as the basis for discussion. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to comment on the chosen paper, using an on-line forum area. It is understood that comments are always "thoughts in progress" rather than definitive statements or polished essays, and are made in the spirit of offering perspectives for others to react to, and of learning from the perspectives of others. Sets of comments on particular papers will be regularly archived, so that ideas and perspectives can be developed and inter-related over a number of topics and papers.

Next event:

A Panel Discussion on "Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience: Enemies, Acquaintances, Bedfellows?"

7:15 pm
October 8 2003
Thomas 102
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