Thinking About Relapse Prevention
What We’re Going To Do Today
How Do I Know About Mental Illness and Relapse Prevention?
What is Relapse Prevention?
Why Is It Important to Learn about Relapse Prevention?
Relapse Prevention is Important Because:
Research Tells Us
What You Can Learn from  Relapse Prevention Education
What We’re Going To Explore Together
Why Talk About Relapse Prevention Now?
What Causes Mental Health Disturbances?
What Does It Feel Like to Experience:
What Does It Feel Like to Experience:
What Does It Feel Like to Experience:
How Did You Feel While You Were Having Symptoms?
What Did You Experience Before Your Symptoms Became Troublesome?
How Might You Feel If You Were To Experience Symptoms Again?
What Can You Do If You Have Troublesome Symptoms?
What Must You Do If You’re Experiencing Troubling Symptoms?
What Are Harmful Thoughts?
Dealing With Harmful Thoughts
What Should You Be On the Lookout For?
What Else Should You Be Watching For?
More Things To Watch Out For
Identifying Triggers?
Ways To Increase Wellness
More Ways To Increase Wellness
If You Do Have Severe Symptoms?
Getting Back in the Saddle
Your Personalized Plan