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Materials provided here are neither intended nor suitable for individuals needing practical assistance with specific mental health problems of their own or of friends/family/colleagues. For such situations, people should contact local mental health agencies, doctors, or other health care professionals. Some access points are provided here.


Relapse Prevention Program
Hedwig House
Debbie Plotnick
May 2003

Debbie Plotnick, a graduate student in the Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, did an internship at Hedwig House, a social and vocational rehabilitation agency, during the academic year 2002-2003. One of her major projects was to develop and pilot a program to help Hedwig House members anticipate and deal productively with the problem of recurrence of psychiatric symptoms.

Debbie developed a power point presentation which she used in half-day workshops with members at each of the five Hedwig House clubhouses. The power point slides are available by clicking below. The presentation includes, below the slides themselves, comments from Debbie about their use as well as sample participant responses to a number of the questions posed during the workshops.

Also available by clicking below is a paper by Debbie reflecting on the preparation of the workshops and their implementation, and a link for additional information about Hedwig House.

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