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Exploring Mental Health:
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Mental health is an increasingly significant intellectual and practical concern in academic, social, cultural, and political contexts. People currently approach issues of mental health from a variety of different perspectives. Some have greatest confidence in "scientific" or "biological" approaches. Others prefer more "holistic", "humanistic", or "social" approaches. The diversity of perspectives in frequently a source of conflict and confusion but might equally be taken as the grist needed to achieve a broader perspective that can productively incorporate the different useful insights reached from each of a variety of different points of view.

It is the objective of this discussion group to bring together the widest variety of faculty, students, staff and practitioners interested in both sharing their own perspectives and learning from those of others in order to explore the possibilities of achieving a broader, more integrated, and more effective approach to issues of mental health.

In addition to monthly meetings and discussions of topics and papers to be chosen, the working group will make use of an on-line forum and help maintain and expand a set of web resources on "Exploring Mental Health."

Schedule and Discussion Links

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September 24th, 3:30 pm "Models of Mental Health: A Critique and Prospectus"
Location: Dalton, Room 25

Future discussion dates coming soon.